Made from the soul

Fired by the sun

About Soul Fired Ceramics


I’m Dawn Haines, owner of Soul Fired Ceramics.  I’m an artisan potter creating functional ceramic art in my home studio in the Wiltshire countryside.

My mission is to create beautiful, hand-made ceramics to be used, loved and enjoyed every day as a sustainable alternative to throw-away, plastic and mass produced items.

Made From The Soul ~ each piece is crafted with my love, energy and intensity.

Fired By The Sun ~ all the power required by the studio comes from electricity generated locally by our solar panels.

My Story

Often our truest passions emerge in childhood.  For me it was making mud pies in the garden as a young child!

My love for clay was nurtured during my teenage years at school in Plymouth.   I was lucky to have an inspirational teacher who encouraged me to develop my skills and creativity.  This gave me the freedom and confidence to explore the infinite possibilities within each soft lump of clay.   

I continued to be creative studying music and art at university.  This led to a career as a music consultant in the broadcasting industry and later a secondary school teacher.  I taught music and art and it was while teaching clay projects that my own passion for creating pottery reignited.  I’ve continued creating in clay ever since.   

My return to ceramics coincided with building an eco house with my husband.  We worked long, hard days to fulfil our ambition to design, build and live in a sustainable, carbon neutral home.  It made sense to go one step further and build my studio in the garden.  Our solar panels not only provide all the electricity we need for our home, but also generates enough to fire my kiln.   

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